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Amazing April

As we bid farewell to the menacing March of 2019, remember the lost of my Huawei P20 Pro ?? I've got it back !!! WHAT ARE THE FUCKING ODDS of retrieving your mobile phone in this age right?

So I did file an online report with the Singapore Police Force on lost of property with the intention of blacklisting my phone's IMEI [ International Mobile Equipment Identification ] to discourage shops to take in this mobile phone because it was obtained illegally which would in turn would lead to lesser phone thefts.

To my amazement, the police went down to the location, retrieve the CCTV and with details provided to them on the time, location and made of mobile phone, they managed to identify the person who "had" my mobile phone.

I was told, by the security that "some guy took it" on the day of the event, before I decide to call it quits and head home. HOWEVER it turned out that a staff from the same supermarket i was shopping in, "picked" my phone while I …
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Curse of the "menacing" March.

So the best month of February left, it's the best month because I was born in Feb, valentine's day happens in Feb, it is also the shortest month which means you get paid a lot earlier the following month.

Here comes the pain.
Recently I lost my mobile phone
Then I lost money on mahjong
Then I broke my toenail and cut my toe because the kitchen was wet
And the shameless person who dared insult my father had the cheek to borrow money from me, when he mocked him in the past... and had the guts to lie in my face. *still nothing in my bank account*

The reason I lent him because I wanted to "pretend" to be the "bigger" person, because seeing him lie to me about how he was on his way to the airport and how he lost his wallet made me felt so absurd about how sick a person can be. I'm no angel either in this regard, the redeeming factor that made me not chase over it was only because my cousins are still young and I did not want them to be affected by lame shits…

Thirty 2

16,830,720 seconds . . .

That was how long I've lived, excluding the days in my mother's womb and pardon any backdating to be done at the time of this article. That's 1/3 of any healthy living human being's lifespan, or 1/2 in my case? Something popped up about average Americans with fractions, 1/3 is larger than 1/2 cuz 3 is greater than 2! #justcantgetenough

As I look back and reflect on my mediocre life and scrutinize that lack-lustrous CV of mine, I began to wonder when do I want to go back to, to fix things, or to change things.

Back to primary school, where I should focus on sports and dream of being Singapore's first BPL player?Back to secondary school where I should focus on bball instead of badminton even though badminton was my forte but I had much more passion for team sport?Back to national slavery where I should not take a diploma and instead immediately dive into finance, then again not, that diploma set such great foundations of mine today.Or not pic…

~ Super Power ~

Lots of people have often ask "What super power would you like to have?"

X-ray Vision
The Force
Ironman costume


Are the usual answers.

Just some days ago I thought, reviving the dead Or turning back time would be great  ! ~ Why??

I don't understand

why do people look down on their phone and cross the road when they clearly see a vehicle coming towards them, do they expect us drivers to be sane 100% of the time and gamble with their lives?

Why do older people enjoy cycling AGAINST the flow of traffic? What wisdom are there in the aged when they clearly have impaired vision,  lagged reflex etc.

Why do females enjoy cutting queue so much and expect doors to be held and food to be served to them first when they clearly preach about gender equality and diversity?

I feel like running over that biatch that pretend to not care when my vehicle was approaching... knock down the old man who do not give flying fk about his life because he has both feet and h…


Her passing did made me further question my own values and beliefs. Doesn't really need to know me well enough to know that I'm a straight in your face kinda guy, razor sharp, doesn't hold back, no pleasantries outright raw replies usually what I do.

And I attribute that to "honesty's the best policy"

I often support myself by using the fairly bullet-proof and convincing evidence of our immune system. We can only become stronger by getting sick, the body recovers and the immune system gets stronger than yesterday and we become immune to those virus. Yet i left out the truth about this universe we live in that includes people not part of the "norm". Those who do not have "normal" immune system.

So while I am not entirely wrong, neither am I right. I guess what we could all do is to first be more aware of the circumstances before diving right into whole situation. Yes we would all recover if our immune system beat the virus, many times it&#…

Living .

What are "facts" "values" "right" "real" about life, about us being "humans" truly meant really living or really suffering?

Recently we met up with an "ex" colleague, she was gone before I was there, but the old and current gang hit it off so we continue to have lunches and "auntie" sessions complaining about work, life, husbands, wives, kids, school . . .

Last Thursday was the result day for the PSLE Primary School Leaving Examination, the 1st dreaded "elimination" round of any youths. At the tender age of 12, they fight tooth and nail to enter the best possible secondary school there can be in Singapore

***1st pressure test is in Primary 4, 10 years of age, where they are "streamed" or "sorted" based on academic level into EM1 EM2 and EM3, 1 being the best and then...

So, the eldest daughter of our dear friend was due to collect her result and boy did she score an awesome score of 25…

How did it get so late, so soon.

One of those days in Toronto, sitting in Patrick's  room on Sunny's bed after shower, Pat was telling me about this girl long time ago that he met at a car show, who's life's a mess and she eventually took her own life and they found her in a closet.

How mess up can life be? Her own brother raped her, and she's with this boy friend who's not exactly nice, and she called pat one day and told him she's gonna leave and pat ask if there's anything he could do and if I remember vaguely was that he said all he could do was just to listen to her.

At that point in time my thoughts were exactly to steer clear of negative people. And partly such extreme thoughts were because of the grief and emotional baggage Pat would have, being the last few person who did have contact with her. At least he knew he did what he could and that there's really nothing more could've been done.

Fast forward to 2018, where the funny and great Anthony Bourdain & the rich an…