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 Recently I bought my 3rd set of wireless headset, the first one was a superbly nice looking Corsiar Virtuoso RGB White headphone The problem was the SQ seems really odd, i couldn't hear the footsteps and direction of bullets, which was absolutely distressing. The battery life was quite shitty and the size of the earcups squash my earlob and create much discomfort. I sold it for $10 loss while using for about 2 weeks or so hehe. Having used the Logitech G633 Artemis wired and had been absurdly pleased with everything, i began to search for the wireless version, G633s or G933s, the 1st model only have 8 hrs of batt life while the latter 10hours and BOOMx. The logitech G733s came and it was a godsend at an awesome price too, stole it off for $160 when it retail at $199 after discount. God i was so sad, the SQ and batt life were perfect but the earcups shrunk in size and my earlobs hurt too. As this set was really new and due to covid, no sets were available for testing so I could onl
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Gender Equality.

I do not think this is an age old discussion, but more of a discussion that was left open ended. As the world we live gets highly connected by fiber optics through social media, many issues that do not get reported in the past gets "posted" within a few clicks. Diversity had been the rage in the past decade or so, pushing for more female leadership within the male dominant corporate as well as political world. So what is diversity? what is equality? Diversity : the condition of having or being composed of differing elements especially the inclusion of different types of people (such as people of different races or cultures) in a group or organization. Equality : the state of being equal, especially in status, rights, or opportunities. Why am I so vested in this debate? Well I do have a mother like everyone else, I have a sister too, like some of us and I wish to understand this more towards establishing a fair and just society not just for my family, but for the future genera

what's next.

Remember Sir Ivan Sim, the guy that made me who I am and took me to where I am today. He has left, again. This time, in less than 2 years even though he was the one who told me to come over. I would move too if the opportunity was granted, it is to a much better place, the new-age Fintech by Standard Chartered. I can't say I am not disappointed, I am just upset at the manner which he kept the whole incident to himself and only told us when it happened. And his cowardice full of shit reasons for that. He was my mentor, my idol and i still dream about working for him, with him but I guess it is time to move on. I guess in broader perspective, I wanted to work in my "dream" team and he was part the dream. Now, I'll just have to go make "my own" dream team. I was watching IU and Lee Sun Kyung's hit, My Mister and there was this scene about the wife confessing the scandal she had with the husband. It is back to the same old shit, she wanted to be

S 0 | i Tu d 3

i am so sick of this world. i truly feel so alone in it. i have no suicidal thoughts because I do not have the courage to die so do not worry. i feel that i do not deserve to be happy most of the time, i yearn to be in a much lesser state i am losing friends who i thought shared the same values and beliefs i am tired i am sad i feel stupid I feel like a zombie.

The Matrix

1999 The Matrix made the entire world rethink their existence, are we living in the "real world" or are we "plugged into" the Matrix. It is still one of my favorite movies of all time, not simply because of the amazing CGIs and cool action scenes but the whole idea behind our purpose and existence as human beings. I am struggling a lot these days, with trying to find good of and in life. I am in great shape myself but I'm struggling mentally and spiritually. I am slowly losing interest in new social interactions or for that matter just about all of them. I dream of living a 3 meals a day kinda life. When will I have the courage. Probably go on a short pilgrimage, I'm walking these days, pushing to 3km and trying to hit 5km soon. I really hope to go on this journey.

life, living, leaving ~

The first time i heard of a close friend passing, a person who I had interaction with was in 2018. I saw her last cry for help post and I just came back from Korea. (i'm still finding a reason for my guilt)... Fast forward to today, i went to look for other reasons that would absolve me of my guilt, I couldn't find it because i was looking at September of 2019. This was more than a year ago yet time had not heal nor did it fade away. 1 June 2020, I receve an Insta DM from Jan Gloria Yeo, one of the kiddos of our YEI Family that I do keep an eye on because I did like her in the past and she did show some weakness. So she pasted a facebook link with the screenshot that someone had left, I don't even read my insta DM and for some reason i read it that day ... The facebook post was by his 2nd brother, on his behalf, Waisoon was the name of the original user. This person is not my facebook f